Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weird Japanese Stuff

So I found this old blog that has some weird japanese products and their description. Basically, these things are not anymore existing in Japan I think they lived a short and lonely life.
This tool serves to make a person’s face to be thin and petite. It works by putting pressure on the cheek and jaw area near. Although it looks painful, this tool is very convenient to use and do not cause pain.

My thoughts: This thing will not work, The skin and the adipose tissue underneath it will not be affected by pressure, it will just go back again and again. its quite possible it can make your face qutie larger.

  • Tools Printer Charming Smile
Smile is a cosmetic fastest and effective way to radiate beauty. Unfortunately, not all women have a beautiful smile.
At first glance, this tool is similar to bleach teeth. This tool is able to mold the balance of the cheeks and a smile on the face. Not only that, it can to strengthen the jaw and teeth. Used for 5 minutes a day.

My thoughts: ewwww! this looks unfomcortable!
  • Printer Perfect Nose
Want to have a small nose and well balanced without plastic surgery pain? Dare to try these tools?
Based on the ad, just 20 minutes a day using this tool can create the perfect shape of the nose. The tool will balance the shape of the nose to the right and left alike. Pinching the nose will improve the shape of the nasal bones so shape sharper and beautiful.

My thoughts: Might be true... since my friend uses that stupid nose magic thing and it kinda slim down her nose... so this one might work.
  • Tyre With Mouth Face Exercises
Just to say A, I, U, E, O, your face can be a tiny little without plastic surgery, believe?
It is made of an elastic silicone and used as a training tool. Should be used on the lips and say the vowels (A, I, U, E, O) with a bang. Its function is to make the 12 facial muscles to work and make more perfect face shape.

My thoughts: lolz, definitely the weirdest!