Monday, October 29, 2012

My favorite blush!

Canmake cream cheek! my favorite blush!

basically it melts perfectly with my skin and it doesnt give that very strong pink tint... but an all natural glowing skin!

I really love it though I heard it has lots of fish scale... I hope its from a clean fish though ^ ^
Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Organic Rose Toner

Organic Rose Toner

Well I bought this product from Cosme downtown Tokyo. Its quite new and I really love the packaging!

Basically this is a toner. Currently im using clinique step 3 toner and I need to test this one out quickly because many of my friends says its really good!

Im sooooo excited! Ill update you guys about it!
Saturday, October 13, 2012

How To Spot Fake Tokyo Love Soaps : Which is Original and which Tokyo Love Soap is Fake?



First, I highly recommend buying your tokyo love soaps from as they sell authentic  soaps and is based in Japan and Singapore and is the cheapest since they sell using Japan pricing. DO NOT BUY FROM OVERPRICED FILIPINO RESELLERS specially based in the province as most of their products are tampered and just bought from rakuten thats why it costs way too much. Here in Japan, 48 pieces of TLS premium or one box, costs only about 650 usd / 70,000 yen or about 28,000 pesos not 46,000!. Also, its very rare to find tokyo love soaps in tokyo, its not popular here in Japan its only popular in the Philippines because people says its popular in Japan buts its really not and filipino are gullible and easily fooled. You can basically search the entire tokyo city area and you will not find any decent shop selling tokyo love soap. 



To be sure, only buy from 100% authentic distributors such as:   if you are in japan (highly recommended, main distributor) if you are in japan if you are outside japan (not recommended to philipino clients due to high custom tax and it will take a month to arrive) if you are outside japan (Recommended since they ship 5 days only to Philippines and no custom charges worldwide, they also buy their stuff from ainz tulpe shibuya)

All of the sellers above are 100% authentic sellers so their box is 100% japanese version. Happy price released a new box for international clients so it might differ if you buy direct from Japan.

This post is already updated but I will not delete the original post.

Okay, as we all know, popular products in Japan are being copied in other countries particularly China. My ever favorite soap is Tokyo Love Soap since the effect is really amazing. I like the Original version (White) best because Ultimate and Premium are a little bit harsh for my sensitive skin I sometimes feel itchy.

Im going to teach you how to spot fake Tokyo Love Soap easy!

First look at the box.

Those 2 pictures above are Genuine Tokyo Love Soap Plain. Notice there are no other markings aside from the Tokyo Love Soap words and the heart design, the reflection and a little bit of text.

Now see the picture below which I took from philipino reseller on facebook. I was laughing my ass off because he even put his site name and facebook shop on this picture. Maybe for easier law suit against him.

First one to look at is the TOKYO LOVE logo underneath the TOKYO LOVE SOAP logo and little text. Its a shape of the heart letter T and L.

I magnified it and put it right here>>>> We will call this logo "TL"

Here is the explanation why there is this logo on fake tokyo love soaps. Tokyo Love Soap main logo (the one on the center of the box) is a registered sign used by HP Ltd or Happy Price, the company that manufactures the soap way back 2005 (HP does not anymore exist, they are bought and renamed Tokyo Love Soap Japan since thats their only product anyways). They dont need another sign to place on the box because it is already their mark in Japan and its protected by law.

The other logo, "TL" is made by the chinese counterfeiters in order to pass chinese customs (Mainland, Hongkong, Taiwan) since it is their MARK and the real genuine logo was merely the name of the soap and not their company mark. This allows them to freely register the WHOLE BOX as their entire mark in China. 

China trademark is quite different, since there are LOTS of chinese product, just a little symbol will make a huge difference. Put a red horn on the two golden arches of mcdonalds and they will register it as yours! its that simple.

This will allow them to freely export the product abroad mostly to thailand, malaysia and philippines where people wants white skin. 

As long as that evil "TL" sign is not on the box, its guaranteed original since even in China, regulation is very strict but there are some loopholes that are being abused like this one.

All fake products from original to premium to ultimate soaps has TL logo. All original has none. Also look at this part of the box:

Notice the edges of the box? This is because counterfeiters, to save money, uses a thinner paper on the box. It is easily folded and bended with just little effort. I bet this guy even took the best box to screenshot and other boxes are worst than this.

Now lets look on the original box

This is the soap im using, the premium version. I basically stepped on it and I weigh 65 kg/143lbs and the box basically held my weight. Notice that only the top cover caved in and the corners are still intact? I removed the soap by the way so this is just an empty box. Also at the bottom of the original box there should be a code. Fake products has a code that starts with JP.... or JPN.... just to emphasize its from Japan where in fact, the code should never start in JPN because this is a batch code! Meaning it should be letters A to Z.

how convenient that JP or JPN all aligned themselves.

and now, how to finally spot the fake one even without the box... SIMPLE :)

Its easy to spot aight? The genuine product is very generous with its covering while the fake one barely fits in with lots of crumpled plastic at the side because it doesnt even match the size of the product.

Hopefully with these tip, you are sure to get only the original! Also just buy from the trusted dealer like and buy from big companies. my foreign friends buy theirs from because they exclusively sell ultimate version of the soap. I myself buy from family mart here in tokyo. 

An anonymous girl from malaysia emailed me a couple of days ago and asked me if the soap should have a pink heart at the back because there is a deal site there that sells tokyo love soap white and it has a pink heart at the back. This is the answer:

Both fake and original korean made tokyo love soap white has a pink heart at the back, however, the super genuine japanese version has none. So as a tip, I suggest getting the one WITHOUT THE PINK HEART AT THE BACK to make sure its 100% japan made.

Tokyo Love Soap is made in Japan as well as korea and the boxes with pink heart at the back are the korean soaps while the one without are japanese soaps. Premium, Medical, Ultimate and Girls are not made in korea that is why all of them has no heart at the back.

Also as long as you buy in Japan there is no fake. Government is very strict here.