Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tokyo Love Soap Philippines - Different Box for Non Japanese Countries and Fake Tokyo Love Soap Updates.

Its been a while since I posted. Ive been busy with my work and studying at the same time. Anyhow, I've been flooded with the Fake Tokyo Love Soap inquiries and I am receiving about 200-300 emails a day because of my post on Tokyo Love Soap! To answer your issues:

YES! There are fake tokyo love soaps. How many times do I have to repeat? To be sure, only buy from 100% authentic distributors such as:   if you are in japan (highly recommended, main distributor) if you are in japan if you are outside japan (not recommended to philipino clients due to high custom tax and it will take a month to arrive) if you are outside japan (Recommended since they ship 5 days only to Philippines and no custom charges worldwide, they also buy their stuff from ainz tulpe shibuya)

All of the sellers above are 100% authentic sellers so their box is 100% japanese version. Happy price released a new box for international clients so it might differ if you buy direct from Japan.

Speaking of Box, I am receiving tons of email about the new box in philippines? I dont receive email from other country so I think tokyo love soap is popular in philippines only? The answer is simple. Happy Price, the maker of tokyo love soap penalizes filipinos because of their over pricing and they are spreading rumors that legit sellers like rakuten, ainz tulpe, tokyo love shop sells fake soap. These big companies requested the maker of tokyo love soap to create a soap version only EXCLUSIVE TO PHILIPPINES with different ingredients and different box design to protect japanese sellers.

Its like buying a cup noodles made in Japan and cup noodles made in Philippines. If you still do not get me, they are now making inferior version of the soap for filipino clients to make it cheaper and to protect big Japanese companies.

Why did Happy Price, the maker of the soap did this? Simple: I emailed them. My exact email says something like Why did you release a new box in philippines? this is their response: (PLEASE CLICK TO ENLARGE)


1. Philippines will get a lower quality soap with a logo of a woman on upper right.
2. Box will look different but not noticeable I think its about the darker color of the philippine version.
3. Happy price do not want instagram/facebook resellers they only want one reseller which is lineup
4. filipinos are not allowed to get japanese version anymore unless they will order online from big japanese resellers such as rakuten, ainz and tokyoloveshop
5. filipinos are not allowed to import unless they are a big importer.


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  1. I saw this website. is this authentic?

  2. hi there, i would not trust any local sellers if i were you because chances are they are selling counterfeits or low grade products. I suggest buying only from or japanese sources.

    1. That site is legit Happy Price distributor. You can ask them to make sure. :)

  3. But their soap box is not Japanese i noticed.