Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fake Tokyo Love Soap Update : Horrendous Rashes Beware of Fake Tokyo Love Soap

Ok, its been over a year. I have been very busy with studying and working at the same time. Anyhow i constantly recieve lots of email everyday from people asking where to buy Tokyo Love Soaps.

With the data and feedback that I receive daily, I have compiled almost 2-3 years worth of data and I can assume that 70-80% of tokyo love soaps on the market today are fake tokyo love soap! so be forewarned that there is an 80% chance you are getting fake tokyo love soap! However, if you are in Japan, its very unlikely that you will get fake tokyo love soap so for non japanese, make sure that you get only original tokyo love soaps and not fake tokyo love soap. Buy original from the following sites:

TOKYOLOVESHOP.COM - 100% Trusted and legit seller since 2011 way before tokyo love soaps are popular anywhere.

RAKUTEN.JP - Buy only from 5 star sellers. There are no fakes here as long as origin of delivery will be from Japan.

AMAZON.CO.JP - Same as Rakuten.

Sadly, other websites are not anymore selling the soap only these 3 website exists. I cannot vouch for other websites as I can only vouch for companies here in Japan that I visited and ordered from and guaranteed 100% genuine.

Why buy original? because I read a blog sent to me by a filipino customer. I am going to post the entire post below credits goes to her:

----------------------------------------POST STARTS HERE----------------------------------------

Since I was a child, I love Japanese products and I enjoyed Japanese TV as a 90s child. Almost all of my beauty products are from Japan from Soaps to cosmetics, it's mostly Japanese brands. I am residing in Quezon City, Philippines and it is quite expensive to import Japanese goods here because of the huge taxes so I was happy I found Shadz Online Shop thru one of her facebook ads.

I read lots of horror stories about this shop such as substituting cornstarch on a collagen milk product and permanent skin discoloration due to an underarm whitening product, however, I felt it is safe to buy since I just want to buy tokyo love soap which I am using since last year ever since my sister, who is working in Japan, sent me some samples for me to try. Since then, I only use tokyo love soap but since my sister left Japan for South Korea for a better job, I do not have someone else left to buy tokyo love soap for me in Japan so I bought from her store.

It is quite expensive on her store, it costs 850(soap)+70(shipping fee)= 920 pesos. In Japan its only 600 pesos for the plain tokyo love soap. But among all online shop, she sells the cheapest so I ordered last June 28, 2013 and I picked it up yesterday, June 29, 2013 at around 4 p.m in LBC Victory Mall, One ride away from my house in Quezon City. I immediately noticed something odd in the packaging. It arrived looking like this:

Picture 1 : The box looks very thin and worn out. It is crumpled and the cover flaps looks as if it has been opened lots of times already. 

Picture 2 : Thank god the soap inside is not damaged. But I noticed something odd about the plastic. It looks so small that the soap barely fits. I remember that the original product from Japan has a good space around it. 

Picture 3 : It is packed inside this envelope with the name of the sender as "Jean Sarah Atiagan" from Davao.  She is the owner of Shadz Online Shop. I did not blurred my name and phone for transparency. This envelope is actually packed inside a JRS express envelope.

To cut the long story short, I took a bath at around 5 p.m of June 29, 2013, used the soap and just after 15 minutes of using the soap, I developed a severe painful rash and itching all over my face and body. This rash did not occur when I am using the same soap which I bought from Japan. Take note that I intentionally set the camera out of focus because its too gross:

Right elbow photo SANY0174.jpg
Picture 4 : I always leave the soap on my dark spots particularly at the back of my knee and elbow for 3 minutes and I noticed the the fleshy and painful acid-burn like kind of rash appears on the areas where i left the soap for 3 minutes. This photo is on my elbow. Take note that both of my elbows has this rash. (I intentionally focused on the background to decrease grossness)

Right arm photo SANY0166.jpg

Picture 5 : This is the rash the appeared immediately after using tokyo love soap i bought from shadz online shop. It appeared on both of my knees and back of my knees. (I intentionally focused on the background to decrease grossness)

The rash is painful and filled with water. They are huge blister type of rash that is fleshy and filled with water and blood. It appeared all over my body but my underarms, knees, back of the knees, groin area and elbow are the most affected since i use lots of soaps on these areas. I just cannot take a picture of my face, private parts and butts because its horrendous and the rashes are severe i can't bare to look at it and also its too gross.

If you think my elbows and knees look gross, my face, groin and butt got 5 times more rash so just imagine how gross it could be. Ofcourse after this horrendous event I immediately ask my brother to drive me to Chinese Gen (where my dermatologist is). We arrived at the hospital at around 6:30 in the evening of June 29, 2013. The photos I took was taken around 5:30 p.m while waiting for my brother to come home and drive me to the hospital. I took the photos for documentation purposes in case I will file a law suit.

 I got shots of cortisone on my arms and legs and was confined for about a day from 6:30 p.m yesterday up to 2:00 p.m today, June 30, 2013. My doctors in Chinese gen said they are observing if my bronchus will get obstructed due to inhalation of the soap particles. So I need to return every 2 days for a month for signs of delayed reaction. The big, painful lesions, as the doctor said, might leave permanent scars for life.

I called Ms. Atiagan during my ordeal and she answered it, i told her that I am a tokyo love soap user for years and this thing never happened to me until I used her soap. She said she is the official distributor in Philippines of tokyo love soaps and she is sure that her soaps are genuine and i might be just allergic to it.

I repeatedly told her I am using the same soap for almost 1 and a half year already and this is the first time that it happened and it only happened when I bought her soap. She insisted I am just allergic and should not use the product again and she will not refund it nor pay me because she said, with a very rude, loud and irritated voice that I should have performed a skin test first and it is my fault for not doing so. She hang up the phone after she said that.

I called the company using the phone number at the back of the soap and they simply said that they do not have official distributors anywhere. I called Ms. Atiagan again for the second time and she is not anymore responding to my call. I was calling her all day today and no answers at all.

As a form of retribution, revenge or whatever you might call it, I made this blog to discourage any potential buyers of any of the products she is selling at Shadz Online Shop. Also, All I want to say to her is that after the hospital bill I incurred due to her soap, a refund of 920 pesos is the last thing on my mind so why is she so afraid answering my call? I just want to tell her to check if her product is of good quality. Not tampered, Not expired, Not a counterfeit. From 3 pm since yesterday until 3 pm today she is not answering my call and I felt so stupid and cheated for wasting my time calling her.

Below is my hospital bill that I paid after getting hospitalized for almost a day. All I want to do is to have a 100 peso savings that is why I bought from shadz online shop instead of japanichi. I spent 22,000 in my hospitalization alone not including the continuous hydrocortisone injection that i should take for 2-3 months daily which costs 380 pesos per shot twice a day (760 php/day)


So again guys, if you want this not to happen to you only buy original tokyo love soaps and never ever ever try to buy from unknown resellers and small shops as most commonly they sell fake tokyo love soaps.